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Are you considering the demolition of your house, garage, carport or pool? We are well known throughout the city to be some of the most reliable contractors in Geelong. We are a reliable demolition company that provides residential, commercial, and industrial services to clients all across Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula. We demolish houses, garage, carports, swimming pools, offices, and other residential and commercial structures.

At Demolition Geelong, we have the experts, equipment, experience, and machinery, to carry out all forms of demolition, no matter how small or big it may be. As long as it’s a demolition job, our licenced and insured personnel will get it done quickly and safely.

When you think of demolition, you may picture explosions and destruction, however to us, it is a science. It is the engineering process necessary to safely and skillfully bring down any structure, including residential and industrial buildings, swimming pools, sheds, and other related edifices.

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Demolition has numerous advantages. It can create room for a new, more modern structure to replace an old one. It can also make an environment safe by getting rid of a building that has exceeded its design life or its lifespan, or one that has some form of structural damage.

Demolishing a house is a fascinating job that requires well-trained professionals working together in an environment that exposes them to debris, different types of materials, and weather conditions. It requires equipment, skill, and experience. That is why you need a giant in the sector like Demolition Geelong Group to pull it off.

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Before we carry out a demolition of your structure, we do what we call a pre demolition assessment. While this varies from project to project, a typical assessment involves;

Building Survey: Our team studies the building to find out the style of construction, the materials employed, and the current state of the structure. Our experts also look at the traffic situation in the area, accessibility of the area for heavy equipment, where the demolition debris will be moved, and the proximity of neighboring structures. All these will help us determine the best form of demolition for your structure.

Demolition Plan: Based on our findings from the building survey, our team comes up with a blueprint for the demolition. This will include how the demolition will be executed, what equipment will be employed, and how long the process is likely to take.

Elimination of Hazardous Materials: If there are dangerous materials in the building, as is sometimes applicable with industrial buildings, we provide the personnel that gets rid of them. Examples of harmful substances that require removal before demolition include asbestos, radioactive substances, and flammable materials.

Site Safety: At Demolition Geelong, we take safety seriously. As a result, we make the necessary safety plan to keep our staff, the public, and the surrounding area safe.

A demolition project can be carried out in several ways, depending on the nature of the structure. However, there are three main kinds of demolition. These are total demolition, selective demolition, and interior demolition.

Demolition can also be residential, commercial, and industrial. While most demolition jobs can be tricky and exerting, industrial demolition is a particularly complex, time consuming, and challenging process that requires specialized skills and experience.

Having carried out demolition in a wide variety of industrial sectors, Demolition Geelong is trusted by many to provide excellent industrial demolition as well as expert decommissioning and deconstruction services.

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House Demolition

Pool excavation

Pool Removal

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Pool Removal

Are you worried about the risks of owning a swimming pool? Is your swimming pool old and no longer up to your taste? Are you looking to use the area for something else, or you just no longer want to spend so much maintaining it? Whatever the reason for your decision to remove your swimming pool or fill it in, Demolition Geelong has got you covered.

Whether your swimming pool is an inground pool or an above ground pool, your best option is to leave the removal or filling in, respectively, to us.

We have the expertise, equipment, and experience to handle all forms of pool decommissioning in Geelong, Victoria, and neighboring areas.

We begin the process of your swimming pool removal with a discussion, to ascertain your reasons for removal and what sort of use you intend to get from the pool site. Once that is over, we do a general assessment of the pool itself and the surrounding area. If the pool is made entirely of concrete it will require a different sort of demolition process than if it were fibreglass or tiles. Concrete breaking and hauling is a key service we provide for pool removal in Geelong and other demolition jobs such as driveway breaking and replacement. With all of this information, we’re able to decide the best form of removal and the right equipment to use for the job execution.

Once that is done, we then proceed to get the council approval for dismantling your swimming pool. We handle all the paperwork involved in the process. The permit spells out if you’re carrying out a partial pool removal or full pool removal. We briefly explain both methods below.

Partial Pool Removal: Partial pool removal or pool fill in is the most common form of swimming pool removal. It is the cheaper option and begins with draining, followed by the creation of multiple holes in your pool shell. Next is the demolition of the top and concrete sides of the pool. The wreckage is broken into smaller pieces and then spread all over the bottom of the pool before filling the entire space with compacted lifts of soil.

Full Pool Removal: As for full pool removal, the pool is first drained. Thereafter, all materials, including concrete, steel, fiberglass, etc., are evacuated from the site. The whole space is then filled with soil and compacted just as in the pool fill in method. Complete pool removal is more expensive than partial pool removal due to the removal and hauling away of materials.

Don’t let your pool removal become a source of problems in the future. With the help of our professional pool removal experts, you’ll get a fast, durable, and safe job.

When we’re through, your land will be available for landscaping, gardening, a small fire pit, or any other project that you may want to put into your newly reclaimed space. Contact us now for a free pool removal quote in Geelong, Victoria, and nearby areas.

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House Demolition

Whether you’re removing a part of your home, a small structure on your residential property, or your entire house, it is not as easy as you may think. It is a job that only professional contractors can handle, using well-trained hands and sophisticated earthmoving equipment.

Demolition Geelong Group is the answer to your residential demolition and commercial demolition needs. We handle your building demolition requirements from conception to conclusion. This lets you breathe easily and focus on other aspects of your life.

We get all the necessary permits and all other paperwork done in record time. We don’t just bring down houses, we also carry out home renovation and asbestos removal.

When you hand your house demolition to us, we begin the process with an inspection. When that is done, we then proceed to get all the required permits. These include the WorkSafe Victoria, OH&S, and other necessary permits.

Thereafter, we move on to disconnect all existing services in your home. The next step is always the big deal; tearing down your home. Although this is the major part of the whole process, our work isn’t done once it’s over. We take care of the debris so that you have nothing to worry about.

If you require a traditional mechanical demolition, we have heavy equipment, like hydraulic excavators, and other heavy hardware that will get the job done in a fast and straightforward way. You can count on us to do the best job possible.

Another option for your home demolition is the deconstruction method, also known as the “green demolition”. Here, we use less heavy machinery so that we can salvage as many materials as possible from your home.

While this form of demolition is more expensive and time-consuming, it salvages more materials from your home. You, therefore, have more recycled bricks, doors, and windows that can seamlessly slot into a new project or enjoy a new lease of life in a renovation project.

Deconstruction also keeps materials away from landfills and makes more jobs available to construction workers.

A combination of both mechanical demolition and deconstruction is another way to go. This combo gives you the reusable benefits that come with deconstruction while cutting down on costs.

At Demolition Geelong, we handle all earthworks, demolition jobs, and site clean-ups no matter how small-scale or large-scale they appear to you. We are always available at your service because we know that big or small, every demolition project has its risks and expectations.

Don’t make your home demolition more complex than it ought to be. Let Demolition Geelong give you a seamless house demolition in Geelong, Victoria, and surrounding rural and urban areas.

Types of Demolition

Demolition Geelong carries out different types of demolition services. Among the commonest types we do are total demolition, selective demolition, and interior demolition.

A. Total Demolition: True to its name, total demolition is the demolition of a whole structure. There are different ways to bring about total demolition.

  • Implosion: We can cause a building to fall on itself using the right explosives. This form of demolition is dangerous and rarely employed. When we do use it, we take all necessary precautions to ensure it goes safely.
  • Mechanical Demolition: In mechanical demolition, we use hydraulic cranes, excavators, bulldozers, and other mechanical equipment to bring the structure down.

B. Selective Demolition: Selective demolition involves the removal of certain portions of a structure and the protection of the rest of the structure. This sort of demolition involves adequate planning, a shutting down of all existing utilities, installation of makeshift lighting, construction of an egress, collection of recyclable materials, dismantling of the selected area, and finally, reinforcing of the structure.

Selective demolition is environmentally friendly and saves materials. It can be tricky and tedious. However, the team at Demolition Geelong has mastered the art of selective demolition.

C. Interior Demolition: In interior demolition, the exterior part of a building is left intact while the interior faces demolition. It is often a precursor to renovation work. It could include the removal of plumbing, walls, ceilings, and so on.

Like other forms of demolition, it begins with thorough planning of the various stages of the overall project. After planning, site preparation is next. This provides a safe environment for everyone working on the structure. Once this is done, the interior demolition tasks begin.

Are you in need of a demolition contractor in Geelong, Victoria? Demolition Geelong is the name to remember. We provide the best suited demolition services for every project you have available. Give us a call today to find out how we can make your project run smoothly.
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What is the process of demolition?

The demolition process for buildings and similar structures is a four stage activity that includes;

  • Surveying
  • Removal of dangerous materials
  • Demolition plan preparation
  • Safety measures
How much does the demolition of a house cost?
In Victoria, a building demolition costs from $10000 to $30000, depending on various factors. The factors that affect the cost include the demolition method to be employed, the location of your home, its size, and the sort of materials from which it was built.
How do you decommission a pool?
Decommissioning a swimming pool is either a partial removal or complete removal. In partial removal, after draining the pool, holes are punched in the bottom, the top and sides are demolished, the debris is spread out, and the whole process is rounded up with the compacting of the soil.

In complete removal, the first stage is the draining of the pool, often with a pump. This is followed by the removal and hauling away of all materials. This process includes concrete removal, steel removal, as well as the removal of other materials like fiberglass, liner, etc.